Exciting News

Safari Club International Calgary has joined forces with us to create a world class hunting item which in turn promotes hunter advocacy. Will keep all posted, visit them.

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 Our professional tech team have no real skills in the outdoors but they are very good at what they do. our outdoor experts have no real tech skills but are very good, (if not the best), at what they do. Bring them both together and exciting new things begin to happen.

We are now the leaders in a new industry when it comes to assisting outdoors people in the field while using tech to do it. Being called " 5 years ahead of our time" has been a common statement received while attending tech meetings in Vancouver B.C. and many other North American cities.


There is no limit

Our apps function anywhere on the planet

You name the activity, if there is a need for professional reference while in the field, we can deliver it by utilizing our custom built 'first of a kind' outdoor app platform filled with any outdoor theme and any delivered by any outdoor expert, brand or personality.