2016 found us receiving over 30,000 downloads in over 25 countries. We received over 125 success emails from the Black Tail Hunter app alone.

5 great stone rams, 3 book sized roosevelt elk, numerous moose, successful wolf trappers, you name it, they emailed us with their exciting news. For us, it does not get any better as this was goal #one. Utilizing professional guide knowledge while in the field with out the guide is  unprecedented. We did it !!  We are now hunting with literally thousands of people at the same time !

2017 spring bear season will see over 370 video tutorials on the Big Game Hunting app alone. The Blacktail Hunter app will have well over 120 hunt assist videos to accompany you into the woods.

The more popular we get, the cheaper it gets. Now that we are in over 25 countries with over 30,000 downloads, we are slashing the Big Game Hunter subscription price down over %40 !!    BETTER SUBSCRIBE NOW before the 'head office' changes their minds !!  

Big Game Hunting App

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