Stillwater Fly Fishing News !

This app was ranked 3rd in the top 3 fly fishing apps for 2018, well done Phil and Brian. We cant wait to see what new items they come up with for 2019 !

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We have created and added a new smooth functioning feature to our platform. We can now place your logo, a text description of who you are and a click through link to your website or online store or business.

Our Stillwater Fly Fishing app is currently in over 30 countries and has been downloaded over 30,000 times. Our downloads are increasing at a high rate as we become increasingly more popular around the globe. Our combined outdoor social media audience is currently over 60,000 people. Our YouTube videos regularly receive 10k to 1.5 million views pr video.

57% of our audience is currently from the U.S. while we increase our following by an average 250 plus people every 24 hrs globally.

A new idea a first in the industry and the new #1 guaranteed route to get your business DIRECTLY into the hands and onto each device of your preferred outdoors group. How is this better? We are not a magazine or TV commercial where potential customers have to write down an email address or memorize it or merely glance at an add on a paper page.

We deliver the click through button directly to customers fingers instantly where it remains on their device. No web site, video, banner add or magazine can do this.

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